The Legacy Trust Story

In this short video, Bill Walker, the founder and CEO of Legacy Trust shares the story of Legacy Trust, the how and why behind its inception in 2004. Bill shares the vision he had for creating a different kind of wealth management firm, one focused on financial and investment solutions tailored to the needs of individuals, families and foundations that also provides exceptional client service.

Legacy Trust Services

Investment & Wealth

In matters of wealth, details matter. The personal, income and tax-planning needs of one client are different from the next. We turn these variables into a personal strategy that we’re confident will deliver repeatable outcomes. Our approach is consistent and proven. Our people are local, yet think with a global perspective. And our firm is independent, ensuring you never get offered a product or service that’s not in your best interest.

Trusts + Estates

What will your wealth accomplish in your lifetime? More importantly, what will it accomplish in the lifetimes to come? Our professional trustees work hard to build meaningful relationships with your beneficiaries. We also provide reporting, tax filing and support services.

Family Office

When family wealth meets the family dynamic, you need specialized support services to manage it. Transitioning to a family office can help you unify and coordinate all your financial affairs—investments, trust administration, tax planning, wealth transfers, philanthropic administration, accounting and bill pay. And we can work with you to develop financial fluency across the generations, ensuring a meaningful and lasting legacy.

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Legacy Trust Investment Process

Ever wonder what the investment process looks like at Legacy Trust? Laina Mills, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, explains how Legacy Trust’s advisory team comes together to create customized strategies for each person’s unique situation.

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